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Robert L. Tools

Birthdate: July 31, 1942
Age 59
Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama
Occupation: Retired phone company technical librarian
Family: Married
Two adult children
Hobbies: Fishing, music
Current residence: Franklin, Kentucky

Robert Tools with Drs. Gray (left) and Dowling (right)

Robert Tools spent most of his early years in the South and Midwest before moving to the West where he spent much of his adult life. Mr. Tools suffered two heart attacks in 1992 that were followed by quadruple by-pass surgery. He developed congestive heart failure and diabetes in 1995, and was first evaluated for heart transplant in 1998-99 by St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Tools was determined to be unsuitable for transplant due to other complications.

This year, Mr. Tools was diagnosed as being in severe end-stage heart failure. On Wednesday, June 20, Mr. Tools' cardiologist shared a Newsweek article and a letter regarding the AbioCor study, and the Tools family expressed their desire to be considered for the trial. Mr. Tools arrived at the Jewish Hospital campus on Tuesday, June 26 for evaluation. The AbioCor was implanted on Monday, July 2.

"I am looking forward to returning to a normal life," Mr. Tools stated today. "I truly appreciate all the prayers and well-wishes that we are receiving from around the world, and I ask you and members of the media to continue to respect the privacy of my family and friends."

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